MTFU T Shirts and ClothingSo I decided to create a clothing brand with a stupid name: MTFU. That’s right Man The Fuck Up. It’s MTFU T Shirts and Clothing.

But why? Well…

Most of us have heard it at some time. Sometimes you hear ‘MTFU’ said with derision, sometimes in exasperation and sometimes with humour. This site is most definitely dedicated to the latter, whether it be taking the piss out of some Strava obsessed weight weenie who is crying into his iphone because he missed a KOM by a 10th of a second, or  bollocking the mate who has cried off yet another organised ride because he didn’t want to get a bit of dirt on his carbon  framed ‘All Mountain Rig’. This site is for you.

It’s also for anyone who likes bikes, beer and talking bollocks (not necessarily in that order). And let’s face it, most of us generally talk a load of bollocks. So you’ll feel right at home here.

The site started off as a bit of fun after giving up my day job as a graphic designer for 20+ years. I’d got bored of the job and the work and had lost my mojo. Anyways, after some time off I decided it might be fun to get back to designing stuff, and just for myself this time (Time to MTFU and all that).

So here it is… the site that is. With some shirts you can buy and periodic ramblings from myself. So buy some MTFU T shirts and clothing after you’ve read this.

So if you buy one of my shirts, tell your mates where you got it from and maybe they’ll buy one too. Then I can become a rich fashion magnate like Philip Green and have a yacht in Monaco. Or maybe just a new bike parked outside.

If you have any great ideas for a shirt you’d like to have, let me know and then lets see what we can do. But don’t ask me if I can put a Nike logo onto a shirt. Oh no, not ever.

So keep riding yer bike, drinking beer and talking bollocks.



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