We’re all a gearhead at heart right? Admit it, that new bike would look even better with the latest colour coded components, or an upgrade to that brakeset that is just so last year. And what about that fork… how have you even been able to ride your bike with that piece of junk upfront? That’s why I came up with the Gearhead T shirt design.

In all seriousness though, there’s nothing wrong with some ‘Oooh… shiny bits’ every so often. We work hard for our money, so why the hell not eh? They might even make a difference to our riding sometimes.

Gearhead T Shirt design

Early version of the design

Creating the
Gearhead T shirt

So I thought I would create a design to celebrate our love of all things new and shiny. But how? By going the opposite to all things shiny and new, as an antidote if you will. I guess it relates to the fact that we love to buy new bikes and bling and stuff and then throw them through as much shit and pain as we (and the bike) will stand. Then we clean all the shit off and polish it up like new and then do it all again the following weekend. But hey, that’s mountain biking.

This particular skull seemed the perfect icon to represent, not just our ‘Gear Head’, but also the grittiness I was after. I then trialled it with a number of distressed typefaces for the text, as well as distinctly antique/retro decoration in a variety of combinations and layouts.

Gearhead T Shirt Design

Looks great doesn’t it?

In the final design, the ‘halo’ above the the skull was just one of those happy coincidences. I’d been playing around with it on another design and then eventually dropped in place above the skull here. Hey presto, he’s now a saintly biker as well. As a side note, this is probably the effect we try to give when we lie to our wives/partner/husband/girlfriend about how much all this shit cost.

Final touches are the only sharp/clean/shiny pieces in the design… yes the bike bits. In this case some chain links (no idea if the are Shimano or SRAM, or even KMC), and some outtakes from a new cassette. In brilliant red of course. Everyone knows that red makes you go faster.

Where to buy this T shirt

Buy a Gearhead T shirt design here





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